Should I worry about a stolen and cashed FAFSA check from 9 years ago?

I was APPROVED for FAFSA 10-11 pending Spring 2011 I received two separate emails one for pending and one for approved FAFSA. I didn’t see the approved email in my student profile sent 2 months apart  it had a check disbursement date of June 23. There was 3 checks 2 that I don’t remember endorsing but they all got deposited into an account that I don’t have access to or know who’s it is. I have the account number it went to and the copies of the endorsement checks the amount was 2,700 each. Should I worry? Is it too late? Thank you

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    The time to investigate that was 9 years ago.  If, indeed, someone other than you cashed your student financial aid refunds checks, the statute of limitations on any fraud is long gone - your college probably deleted/shredded those records long ago.

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