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Spike asked in Social SciencePsychology · 2 months ago

Is There Really No Such Thing As Hope In The Real World/Life?

Is true there is no such thing as Hope in life and the real world? That things either happen no matter what or not at?

So a person can say or think these,  it like so what:

- Hope he or she will not get mad, what I have to say.

- I hope I will never have cataract or any other eye problem.

- Hope all the people I know very well,  will not have any major health problems.

- Hope this weekend it will not rain

- Hope I will not have any sibling relationship problem(s) at  any age, even in later adulthood.

Those are some example, all of you probably can think up more different kinds of hope.  

But is it hope exist more in the fictional world and can happen there. When a fictional character hopes. The ONLY way it will not is when novel, TV  show or movie is to realistic. 

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