Why is ''How you like that?'' wrong?

How you like that. - ?

How do you like that? - What process did your brain make so you liked the thing.Do you like that? - Do you like the thing.


''How you like that *****?  I'm **** you up real bad.''

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  • 2 months ago
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    It isn't "wrong" because people will say it.  But it is not strictly correct according to the rules of grammar.  the formation of a question requires the use of the auxiliary "do" (how DO you like that) according to the rules of grammar.  In case you haven't already figured this out, people do not always follow the rules when speaking.  In fact, I would say that people often disregard the rules of grammar when speaking; it isn't rare or even uncommon, it is fairly common.

    So the only question is how you define the idea of "right".  Is it right when people do it all the time?  For me, when it comes to language, which is a way to communicate, the spoken word is "right" if it imparts (communicates) the idea that is intended.

    The very same words written on apiece of paper may not give the intended idea though.  There is moreo to language than just the words. Speech contains many aspects that convey information that are unrelated to the actual words that are employed.  Those aspects cannot easily be put onto paper, though, so we have rules that allow us to do that sort of communication without relying on visual or sound clues that cannot be put onto paper.

  • 2 months ago

    My preference would be.....

    How DO you like that ? ( Simple present, interrogative )

    How DID you like that ? (Simple past, interrogative )

    How WILL you like that ?

    It's to be noticed that " like " is generally not used in progressive tense.

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