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What is the best way to invest your money when starting out ?


I am 28 years old, i just finished paying off my college debt and ready to start saving or investing in perhaps stocks. I would like to eventually buy a house down the line 

Update 2:

I just got a raise i make 75k a year 

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    I was surprised to see such stupid comments from others so I'll attempt to share a bit of what I know with you. For someone who isn't comfortable or familiar with the stock market, investing in individual companies is generally a bad idea. Yes, there are the Apples and Amazons but you don't want all your eggs in one basket. To start out, I suggest looking at some very low cost (typically 0.2% expense ratio or less) ETFs or mutual funds that track the S&P 500. SPY or SPYG are good, QQQ is tech heavy but with a promising future and great returns. Those are just a few examples of the dizzying multitude of investment options out there. I would suggest you try to invest at regular intervals and never try to "time" the market. If you have some extra cash after maxing out your 401k/IRA and paying other expenses, you can use your brokerage account to build a larger down payment for a house down the road. Put a couple hundred dollars every month into a diversified portfolio of low cost funds like those I mentioned above. Do some research and try to learn what you can about investing. The greatest thing you can do, you've already done: start early. The earlier you start to invest, the more time compound interest has to work its magic. Anyways, all the best to you and I hope you got a little something out of my suggestions. Take care....

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    It’s up to you. But the answer would be don’t do it.

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    Keep it in the bank to avoid bank fees, late fees, interest expense, take advantage of discounts, etc. Then buy a house instead of paying rent. 

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    Utilities and pharmaceuticals are always safe. 

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    invest in a solid mutual fund with both stocks and bonds.

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    For your money, do you want to work hard or do you want to work smart? If you want to work hard, invest in a business or flip a house. if you want to work smart, you learn about stocks and go with that. 

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    For most people a low fee s&p 500 index fund in an IRA is a great idea.

    Max out your retirement/ IRA at the very least. Invest every month, do not attempt to time the market.

    Vanguard or Fidelity, NOT any of these apps or fly by night brokerages like robinhood.

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    Savings account, initially. You should only risk what you can afford to.

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    How would anyone here know?   You've given absolutely ZERO details about yourself.  

    Are you starting to invest at age 22 or are you starting to invest at age 52?   

    What is your time horizon?   What is your risk tolerance?  What are your investing goals?   What is your tax situation?

    If you're a run of the mill 20-something, use a ROTH account.  Check to see if your employer offers a Roth 401k option.   Growth stock mutual funds are the no-brainer.  Good ol' S&P Index 500 fund is where many start.

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