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how does influenza effect an athletes performance?

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    It can sap his strength and stamina.

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    It impairs athletic performance.

    Influenza is a respiratory disease. Athletes, especially in endurance sports, need to breathe more when competing or training. Respiratory impairment will therefore impair breathing and therefore impair performance. In addition, it may affect other areas, causing nausea, muscle weakness, and muscle soreness. The body is directing resources, such as stored energy, to fight off the infection. So, these resources will be less available for athletic performance.

    If you have influenza, see your doctor, and take your doctor's advice. That includes rest. If you don't rest, you may prolong the illness or make it worse. 

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    Depends on the athlete and how severe a case of flu they had. It may take weeks to fully recover or a short period of time. People recovering from the flu are often low energy/weak for a period of time, so would not be able to perform at their best in athletic activity. 

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    If you have ever had the flu then you will know how it affects the performance of anyone who has it

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