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college baton twirling ?

I'm a senior in high school and I want to join txsu baton twirling squad how ever I have no previous baton twirling experience nor do I have dance experience do you think I have a fair chance of making it I'm pretty flexible already

These are what I have to learn within a few months:

2 Spins or Higher

Toss Illusion

Toss Reverse Illusion

High Toss with Cartwheel 

Right and Left Split

Hitch Kick

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  • drip
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    Baton twirling is not cheering. You don’t do cartwheels and acrobat tricks. 

    You will be up against student who have twirled for years.  It takes some time to get proficient. You are not going to just pick it up.

    My daughter twirled for six years and did competition for about four years.  And I would say she would have trouble getting into some university squads.  

    I would think you wouldn’t have much of a chance. 

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    Honey, those gals were BORN twirling!  Their Mom and Gramma before them - if Gramma got to college - all did this from toddlerhood.  You stand VERY little chance at getting in - there are so many highly qualified ladies ahead of you. And the staff still looks you over for a FTA score - Face, T*ts, A&&,  This is the South - where this kinds of old-school Barbie-doll stuff STILL rules.  If there are schools that ADVERTISE that they seek new trainees - well, give that a try.  Have you already been accepted academically to TXSU?  October is still a *planing ahead* time of year - although my students are writing resume/application letters like crazy.  Many want to be in the band,  since they come from a great competitive band program here in NY ( I am their flute teacher) but are SO SLAMMED with applications (band is on hiatus now - heartbreaking . . ) that they even have suspended LESSONS. I email them to often to give them a kick . . . 


    So see if you can get some basic lesson while still in HS.  ZERO EXPERIENCE never sounds good.  SOME RECENT INSTRUCTION sounds a lot better.

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    This is why larger colleges are your best bet for twirling programs.. Some colleges for avid twirlers include Florida State University, Jacksonville University, Auburn University, Kent State University, the University of South Carolina, and many more!

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