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Do Sharon tate had typical Aquarius appearance and personality?

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    1 month ago

    Astrology, rising sign or not, is unable to determine our physical attributes. The rising sign is the outwardly appearance, yes, but it doesn’t literally determine how you look. It means what vibe you give off to other people. Say for example, a Libra rising might give off a romantic air, a Scorpio rising might give off a seductive but frightening air, a Sagittarius rising might give off a jolly air, a Capricorn rising might give off a matured and serious air, etc.

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    Long hair, small nose, pointed chin. I'd say so.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    She was gorgeous............ 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    "The idea that our Natal Chart indicates our physical appearance is a misinterpretation. "

    A misinterpretation of what, exactly? 

    Tate was 5' 6" tall according to Wiki.  She has Cancer rising with Jupiter, exaltation ruler of Cancer conjunct her ASC.  Moon is in Virgo.  There are no other tight aspects to the ASC.According to Lilly:Cancer, low and small stature.Jupiter: Upright straight and tall. 

    Virgo: slender Moon: variable and since the Moon always rules Cancer there isn't too much here of value. A round face is a common description and hers isn't round but she wasn't horse faced like Jupiter/Sagittarius people often are. So far slender, mean or average height (the difference between short and tall)..Complexion: Jupiter occidental "pure and lovely"large eyes, high forehead.  The fact that Jupiter is in his exaltation on the ASC is going to give her the very best of what he has. The other stuff I don't know.  I don't know what kind of figure she had. 5' 6" isn't tall or short, which matches the combined descriptions. Trying to peg a woman's natural hair color particularly an actress isn't easy. Brown hair was mentioned most often in the text.  She resembles the Jupiter description most closely. So average height, brown or light hair, large eyes, good body (I can't imagine she was overweight or obviously too thin. Her image was sex symbol), good complexion and her face is a bit long which matches the Jupiter connection. The Cancer description says the upper body is larger than the lower, but I don't know if that fits or not. I'm not going to write out the whole thing.Physical descriptions are not photographs.  They are very general and astrologers used them when a birth time wasn't available or to make sure they weren't being deceived. As for her "personality," trying to pin down the personality of a celebrity is nearly impossible.  They are trained to behave in a way the public expects, which may or may not be they way they really are.  Athletes, when playing, particularly in individual sports like tennis or boxing, will show us who they really are. Actors and actresses not so much. 

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  • Snoopy
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    1 month ago

    I think so. She was very outspoken and provoking with her speech, something I often do too as I enjoy communicating, sometimes I provoke bad authority people like she did... 

    Also good vibes, that is typically Aquarius. I mean I am sure you can get a toxic Aquarius too, but mainly they are sensitive/humanitarian people. Like, you can trust us with your life, you maybe can't trust other signs with your life, as from exp, I know I can't. Idk if all Aquarius are like this, though, as I don't believe in astrology, and of course you can meet a mean Aquarius, but I just don't know any, thankfully... 

  • Janet
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    1 month ago

    The idea that our Natal Chart indicates our physical appearance is a misinterpretation.  Our RISING SIGN (which is calculated the exact moment and place of birth) indicates the "appearance" of our personality,  not our body. It is the superficial social mask we hide behind while we are still uncomfortable in a social situation.

    As for personality. I never met her.  Her SUN was in Aquarius, but that is only 2% of the entire natal chart for an individual, and no two people have identical natal charts.

    Sun Sign astrology is just a way for writers to make money off a public that doesn't understand astrology.  It is not going to give you accurate information, but is only for entertainment and for writers to make money off gullible readers.

    Learn real astrology if you wish to use it.

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