Looking closely at our Transfers In/Outs of 2020 does any other MUFC fan feel confident ?

IN - Summer 2020 Signings 




Edinson Cavani

Free agent    


Amad Diallo    



Facundo Pellistri    



Alex Telles    



Donny van de Beek    



These are the player's we have brought in.   reasonably good business I'd say, no diea how good Pellistri is but I know Cavani is decent because of what he has done in his past and is a proven world class player and finisher, despite his age.

I also know Telles is a decent Left Back which is a huge boost for our back four as Luke Shaw seems to be one late tackle away from seeing the stretcher I fear.

The player I want to see in action MORE OFTEN is Donny.

He seems like a cut above the rest and has this world class spark about him,  almost as if hes to good to be in a team like ours which is a shame to say.

I'd rather he played than that fraud Pogba, the biggest most overrated hyped player ever in recent memory. The media is to blame and so is our club for signing him for what we paid shocking.

Bruno Fernandes has been disapointing for me.  Hes not kept the consistency up and has weakneses in his game.

Lastly im excited by this 18 year old winger Pellistri we signed.

My question whether these transfers will actually help us or not ?

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  • CMD
    Lv 7
    2 months ago
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    Edinson Cavani

    He has never played in a league like the PL so his size and strength has never been tested in the way that it is in the PL. has not played since March, and hasn’t scored since January…..why did no one else want him ?

    Amad Diallo

    He can run and that is it, he will not get the space he does in Serie A, nor the time on the ball. He will struggle like hell

    Facundo Pellistri  

    Again another runner , same as above applies

    Alex Telles 

    27 and never played in a top league, never played in this sort of climate = lots of injuries.


    Donny van de Beek   

    The player that was offered to Spurs, Liverpool, Barcelona, and every team in Italy…annnd no one wanted him. He is decent player but a squad player at best.

    These players are panic buys and off cuts, players that no one else wants.

    You cant get Pochettino till June 2021 at the earliest and I doubt very much he would join United.

  • 2 months ago

    two words

    you're - fecked !

    FECKED ! ^_^

    hahaha !

    nobody wants to sign for manure past it.

    you're an old cinema with a leaking roof where the doors are bolted shut and all thats there is memories of what once used to be.

    see how fast empires can crumble ?

    have to rebuild all over again.

    the fault really lays at SAF's door as his 1st choice was Moyes

    we all know his vision and how it turned out DONT we

    and as a red, it was a great vision ! ^_^


    19 TIMES

    6 TIMES


  • Adam
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    You could sign Lionel Messi and as long as Ole's in charge with Woodward on top you have a problem.

  • August
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    Sorry to be short but in a nutshell, i think the board need a serious review of the current manager. If Mauricio Pochettino is still available,they should grab him while they can !

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