What is the meaning of Lord turnin'?

From a song: More than a Sundaymorning Lord turnin'

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  • Alan
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Read it in more context. 


    More Than My Hometown by Morgan Wallen

    ====  The song is full of things the person loves another 

    person more than. 

    === In more context,  the Lord may be  connected to the next 



    More than a Sunday morning, Lord   

    Turnin' some poor lost souls 'round, Hallelujah bound

    ::::  So it's not just the "Lord Turning". It's

    The Lord turning some poor lost souls around . Hallelujah bound 

    Means the Lord  bringing some poor lost souls around to accepting  

    Jesus (being born again ) .  They are now going to heaven.     

    So he loves this person more than he loves other 

    people (lost souls) getting finding religion (accepting Jesus) 

    on Sunday.  

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