How do i change my Amazon delivery address?

I've got a basic mobile phone that int working properly at the moment so i've ordered a basic Nokia 6230i from Amazon to my home address being delivered here on 27th October but my boyfriend and me who are neighbours at the moment are moving house soon to live together and it might not arrive before we move in which case i would have to change the delivery address so that i can still get the phone delivered to me but i don't know how to change my Amazon delivery address and i can't find any setting on the website to change the delivery address. How do i change my Amazon delivery address?

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    If you use amazon you've seen the ad the owner says amazon will be bankrupt soon that's why.

  • 2 months ago

    Can't change it if it has already been processed and shipped.  You could try contacting Amazon directly and seeing what can be done. Basically, the idea here is that you ought to use the proper address for where you want it sent, when you make the order, and avoid the entire problem.  It is why they give you an option to write down a specific delivery address at the time you fill out the order.

    You made a mistake and it is not obvious that you can fix it now.  There is no easy way on-line to fix it (no way at all on-line that I know about).  You may have to wait until the item is returned to Amazon as undeliverable before you can arrange it to be sent to a different address.

    There is a lesson here.  Have you learned it? 

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