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Better to live in the USA or England in 2021?

I'm from Brazil and I'm in doubt about which one to choose to live with my family, I know they are two good countries but I don't know which one is worth making a new life.

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    For a start - do you qualify to move to the USA or the UK? Check the government websites about visas etc.

    Given all the racial problems in the USA, Britain would be the nicer place to go to, if you qualify for entry.  I assume you have 'Brazilian' skin colouring - many Americans seem to regard any skin colour which is not northern European 'white' as 'black', and that would be a disadvantage for you.

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    What makes you think you & your family qualify to immigrate to either one? And complete all requirements & get approved for immigration visas within a year? You are living in Cloud Cuckoo Land! NOT happening! Furthermore, IF your parents qualify, but you are an adult, you are not going with them anyway. You have to qualify on your own merits. Or are you talking about your spouse & minor child as your "family?" Do you meet any of the requirements for so much as a temporary employment visa (expect to need minimum of master's degree PLUS experience in a shortage occupation, and you will still compete with hundreds of other applicants from around the world).

    For US, 90% of immigrants are sponsored by immediate relative who is a US citizen & who earns enough to support self, all dependents, plus you (& your dependent spouse & minor child, if any). Depending on your relationship to your sponsor, it currently takes up to 15 years to get a visa interview, etc.

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    For both you need to immigrate. Which means you will need to have a full time job in that country. 

    Not an easy thing to do in either country.US much larger. There are more areas to pick from It has many different climates 

    U.K. has government health care.

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    Who knows? I mean, I'd suggest waiting to see who wins the US elections. 

    Also; which *CAN* you live in? Both have strict visa requirements for entry, so you'll need to make sure either is an option. 

    On balance; I'd say the UK. It has better employment laws and healthcare systems (currently; although Brexit could change that too)

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    2 months ago

    i would just go wherever you want

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