Why are all Pakistani and Indian men rude, conceited and arrogant?

When I was in school there were children of all ethnic backgrounds, Italian, Greek, Chinese, etc.  The Pakistani and Indian boys would walk around and act like they were kings and should be treated as such.  In high school, there was a Pakistani boy who seemed shy and asked me out for coffee and I agreed.  The afternoon started off ok, but then he asked me to go to his house because there was something in his bedroom he wanted to show me.  When I told him that I wasnt really interested in him, he left immediately.  I had to pay for both of us.  The next day at school, the kids were whispering and I found out that he told them that I wanted to sleep with HIM, but HE rufused.  I confronted him about this and he denied it.   But after school, he was with his friends and I heard them saying bad things about me.  I wanted them too know that I heard what they were saying, and they started pushing me around.  Now I work with an advertising agency and a new employee started working there.  He is Pakistani and his father knows my boss.  He came to work on the first day and acted like he owned the place.  He told me to get him coffee, and went and looked into my computer files like they were his.  Am I just meeting the wrong Pakistani guys, or are they aall like this?

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    3 months ago
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    yes indian  or pakistani guy shudnt have gossiped. but other than that i think its the behavior of many races. i dont think its just the race.

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