I'm transgender and i had this dream last night. What does it mean and why did i dream it?

I'm a transgender woman and i'm going to be starting hormones soon but recently my feelings of gender dysphoria have been really strong and at the moment i feel like i hate my body because it doesn't yet match my female gender. Anyway last night i had a dream that i was having sex reassignment surgery (srs) and in the dream i was having it while i was awake and i could feel them doing the surgery but for some reason i didn't feel any pain. I've been thinking about this dream all day and i don't know why i dreamt it or what it means. What does this dream mean and why did i dream It?

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  • 2 months ago
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    It means that your mind is beginning to accept the whole idea of being who you want to be.  The "srs" is the means to that end. So as the date for the surgery grows closer, your mind focuses on what is going to happen to your body during surgery.  It is also a step you take in Life where there is no turning back.  This in itself would cause you to think long and hard about what you have made up your mind to do and it would be a cause of your dreaming mind to ponder. 

  • amy
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    2 months ago

    Honestly it probably doesnt mean anything. Not all dreams are from the subconscious. Sometimes we have dreams from things we've thought about in the day. Sometimes we dream about the last thing we were thinking before go to sleep. You said you were trans preop and your dysphorias been bad lately. It would make sense that during this youve though about the surgery and so it just came up in your dream.

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