Does trump stand weird because of his bone spurs ?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    No.. It's bcuz he has some neurological disorder and many experts suspect Alzheimer's. That odd looking, forward-tilted stance is typical of brain disorder. He's also shown signs of right-sided weakness. His inability to grip things with his right hand could indicate loss of fine motor control (which may be why Trump never uses a PEN-- always a fat Sharpie). Then there's the shuffling gait, slurred words, improper word substitution, etc. Newest symptom I've seen occasionally is he's swinging or circling his right leg, too. Watch for it next time you see a video of him walking. There's a difference in his gait and often his right arm just sort of dangles. The fact that these signs are only on one side (the right) is a pretty definitive symptom of neurological impairment. I'd guess Alzheimer's, bcuz his father died of that disease, but it could also be Parkinsons.

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