Can anyone explain these weird things that happened in this house that i lived in when i was a child?

When i was a child i lived in a small town, one of my childhood homes there was this house on a hidden away street and some strange stuff happened in that house that i don't understand the cause of. I lived there from 1999-2004 and some really weird things happened. These are the things that happened: My mum was staying over with me, my dad, my sister, and one night she sensed that there was a ghost in the house. I once put a sleeping bag in the hallway and truthfully honestly none of us touched it, yet a minute later we found it in the bathroom. The top floor had two bedroom with a wall inbetween and i could sense that there was a hidden room, and possibly a dead body, in there. I'd go to bed at night and i would see in the window looking up at the night sky what looked like to giant bunny ears, which scared me really badly and made it hard to sleep. There was a cellar in the house that i always had a strange feeling about that was more like a tunnel then a cellar but was a cellar. And on the last night in the house before moving to a different house i was lying in bed and the middle of the mattress really did, no kidding, bounce upwards then go back down, which scared me so i slept on the floor that night. All this stuff really happened and i am not making any of it up as it all happened and i am posting this from very good memory of my childhood days living in that house. All this that happened in the house was so weird. Can anyone explain these things that happened?

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  • 2 months ago

    Frankie! I’m not gonna hurt you, sweetie. Anybody has seen a little boy with short curly hair? We try to do everything we can to keep our kids safe but even we, adults, don’t always know what to do in all situations.

    We are sure that as the school year starts once again, it won’t hurt to make sure your children know all the safety rules.

    You can even print them out and give them a test. Believe us, some of the answers will most likely surprise you.

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