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Is it a bad idea to travel by train portsmouth to london?

My parents are doing this twice a week to help my sister look after her two year old

I also help but I'm starting to worry about my parents catching covid on the train or just burning themselves out as they are nearly 70


I never said they were old and knackered I'm just giving the full information as they are more at risk if they catch covid

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  • 2 months ago

    Just because they’re now nearly 70 doesn’t automatically make them old and knackered.

    Many people of that age are very fit and healthy and look nothing like people that old generally did even 30 years ago. 

    So their energy levels are their own concern: grant them the trust that they’re sensible enough to know their own limits.

    As for the train journey, it should be safe enough. Everyone should be masked and the trains are still running almost empty much of the time. Driving that distance twice weekly would be much more expensive and it is a tiring boring run, so a greater chance of accidents and fatigue.

    What you are right about is whether it’s wise to visit London twice a week when they don’t have to and when it’s against current guidance. It undoubtedly puts them at greater risk of catching *and spreading* CV19 (possibly to their grandsprog), and no matter how fit they are statistics prove that their age does make it more likely they’ll catch CV19 and be far more likely to be very ill with it.

    But again, they almost certainly know that. Express your concerns, by all means, but there’s no point getting upset if they choose to make their own choices. Perhaps if they know how much their choices are worrying you then they could compromise and cut their trips down to once a month but with regular FaceTime/Zoom sessions to compensate. Even if they only cut it to once a week it’s still going to halve their risks.

    Finally, what does your sister think? If she shares your concerns then your parents will find it far more difficult to raise objections.

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