6yo Constant Pity Parties?

My 6yo son has recently taken up the habit of throwing constant pity parties. Life is all bad. Nothing is ever good. No one loves him. 

I'm constantly showering him with love, but he seems to only do it when I'm around. Once I leave the room he's able to go back to normal. 

I've tried comforting him. I've tried tough love. I am just at a total loss here. Is this a phase 6 year olds go through some times? I know this has been a rough year. I got him into counseling, but nothing has come from it yet. 

Any advice?

Anyone been in a similar situation?


These pity parties never last all day. He eventually snaps out if them and is totally fine after as if nothing happened

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Lol, I used to do that when I was that age. It was mainly because my siblings were always bullying me and I blamed my parents for not stopping them. My siblings were extremely cruel, even looking back on it now. 

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