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Is something wrong with my brain?

This thing really hurts me. i have this problem since i was born. i always forget what i am doing, sometimes i can't concentrate on what i am doing whatsoever. sometimes-often laugh with myself when i remember some funny memories, talk with myself, my parents think i am stupid! plenty of times my dad asks me to do a specific task and at the end i either do it wrong or forget to do it. and when he shout's it used to hurt me, i also keep loosing my money out of nowhere and can't take care of it. and till now i have reached the age of 17 and still suffering from the same problem. he keeps taking away my phone thinking it's the cause of my problem but i'm really confused. both of my parents never helped me on that issue but all they have managed to do is to shout and blame me, and keep reminding me of the consequences if i did not change on my own. even just now i wasted money giving credits to the wrong number in a machine. despite revising it over 10 times before entering it. switched 2 numbers at the end. and now my dad is pissed. what are these signs of? am i suffering form autism? or am i an introvert and i don't know? because as well i have some difficulty in speaking out sentences. this has started since i turned 14 and that was when i started getting lonely after moving away from my friends. anyways.. I need to stop forgetting stuff and concentrate on what do i do. please give me advice.


sorry for my grammar. i am not a first language english speaker and couldn't find my language section so i thought that english might be the easiest to cope with

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