What part medieval history deserves more attention?

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    4 months ago
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    The 'Books of Hours' done at the time. These contain elaborate color art/ drawings of everyday scenes and the common people done as the artists saw them at the time. Big surprise...everyone is not in sackcloth, not in brown/ grey rags, not with holes in their shoes or unwashed bodies. The peasants, yeoman farmers, crafts people do not look starving or unhappy. 

    Instead they show what historians alone seem to know....that the Medieval world was rich in color (way more than our modern) in clothes, stockings, hats decoration, signs, buildings, flowers. That the peasants and common people were mostly fat and happy. The elites drip with gold, jewels, furs. All of this is confirmed by the written record.

    Much more attention should be paid to this reality to dispel the 19th century and Hollywood idea the Middle Ages were so poor and horrible. After all if they were so poor and horrible they wouldn't have lasted 800 years.  

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    First, define 'medieval'!  And do you mean in Europe and immediate surroundings?  If you are asking about lands well outside Europe then 'medieval' has not much meaning.  Even within Europe matters were very different in different times in different parts of Europe. Present-day counties did not exist in those times.

    The Middle Ages start in about AD 500, or AD 1000, or any where in between depending on which historians you look at, and end from AD 1400 to AD 1600, again depending on the historian and which part of Europe.

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    Maybe the times when they weren't all dying of the Plague.  Which narrows it down a bit.

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