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lala asked in Entertainment & MusicHoroscopes · 4 months ago

Horoscope section ?

Uranus is transiting the 12 house of Trump 

Watch all the lies come out 

What do you think ??


Anonymous ;;if you do not like my question do not ANswer

Update 2:

Anonymous ??If you do not like my question ;;DO NOT answer 

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  • Markab
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    4 months ago

    "Being #2 here means you are supposed to know more than us. "

    Ya gotta love the Genius. Now he's confusing popularity with knowledge, all the while telling the rest of us we aren't educated. The Genius is living proof that skeptics prefer righteousness over truth.

    History Lesson: Chain Lightning (aka The Genius; it's had various spellings over time) was and perhaps still is a group.  It was easy to tell in the days before anonymity that there were several people writing under that name.  Some wrote as poorly as the Genius, others did better.  And of course there were the inevitable contradictions.  I always expected that James Randi or, more correctly, his group, had something to do with this. Randi is pretty old.

    In those days "Best Answers" were awarded, and if the questioner didn't award it, the readers could vote.  Made in heaven for the Chain crew: multiple accounts equaled multiple votes. I used to amuse myself imagining Randi in his walker beating computer chained cranks with his shillelagh shouting "More Best Answers for Chain!!"

    Didn't work entirely though.  Someone passed and surpassed ol Chain in the BA category and then her account mysteriously disappeared. Chain was back on top. Sad to say the voting for BA stopped and they kind of stalled, although it is still possible to use multiple accounts to award multiple "Favorite Answers" to himself.  Lala has steadily climbed and shows consistency, so I believe she is one account only. 

    Still, as another anonymous pointed out.  She is way off on Uranus in Trump's 12th. 

    Chain believes: "ANYONE can answer ANY questions."

    To a point.  The answers are supposed to be answers not rants.  I've yet to see anything that Chain/Genius writes that is not a rant. Anyone can answer, but not every answer is appropriate or permitted. He doesn't know how to think at all. 

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    What do I think?  I think you don't know what you're talking about.  First off Uranus going through any house doesn't mean anything like you say.  Show me something to back it.  Secondly, as my first astrology teacher told me years ago, "Transits are not enough."  That's lazy astrology.  Finally and most importantly, Uranus is NOT going through his 12th house.  He has 29 Leo rising (source: birth certificate rated AA Rodden).  Uranus currently is in his 9th house - you know foreign affairs?  Middle East Peace?.  

    So tell me chump, who's the liar now? 

    Oh Genius:  Scientific American is most likely receiving government money which makes them sponges.  If they don't, their friends do.  Trump is cutting back on the waste.  They'll have to raise their own funding instead of embezzling it from the taxpayer to lie to us about global warming and corona. Tsk tsk. Follow the money, little one. 

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Edit: ANYONE can answer ANY questions. That’s Yahoo’s rules and the risk you take. Being #2 here means you are supposed to know more than us. YOU asked what we think, our opinions. 

    You’re using astrology for useless excuses. He's been lying like a carpet all his life and that’s costing lives. Why didn’t the astrologers form a consensus and warn the public? Don’t care? Inaction to prevent is what astrology does best.

    Scientific American never endorsed a political candidate till now. All that is talked about is which has the better birth sign, no concern about the issues. 

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