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Just like Democrats lied about what they were going to do for Blacks for the last 60 years, what will they lie about that Feinstein missed?

2 years ago when she felt the dogma in her?



We know you must think exactly like the Billionaire Democrats running the Democrat plantation say or you will be lynched.  Is it still legal for you to read?

When you look where BLM is shooting, looting and burning to combat systemic racism, you have to look at Democrat cities across the nation.  

By all means, show us pictures of white boys from Dixie strutting through LA, and SF preventing the Democrats from providing toilets & washing to the homeless pooping on the street.  You're funny!

Update 2:

What's left,

Biden's family got richer because Biden colluded with the Russians like Hillary.  Follow the money and you will see how Biden had his pants off, legs tied to the bed posts and took everything Russia wanted to give.  

The question, comrade, is what is Biden willing to do to keep the film (money trail) a secret?  

Update 3:

What's left,

The FBI investigate Trump and found nothing except Hillary providing 20% of the uranium to Russia and Hillary colluding with the Russians and paying for the Steele dossier.

Mueller investigated Trump and found nothing.  Lead investigators for the Mueller team bought liability insurance since the pressure was so great to speak lies like Democrats always demand from top.

Nancy impeached Trump and then wouldn't send it to the Senate because she had nothing too.  

You lie like the rest

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    Once upon a time Democrats were respected for supporting all working folks.

    They sold their souls to satan just to stay in power to support Socialism, Communism and Atheism!

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    The southern republicans stood in the way. In a democracy Democrats can't do much with racists blocking their efforts. 

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    Democrats can't "Kavanaugh" Barrett or they'll alienate millions of Catholics. The Democrat's plan seems to be to tell people that everyone will be affected by Barrett's rulings based on her record of ruling based on the Constitution. For example, because Barrett doesn't support every demand from the LBGT community, she is homophobic according to Democrats. Because Barrett doesn't support Open Borders, she is racist, according to Democrats. I'm wondering if Democrats are sick enough to claim that Barrett had an abortion when she was younger.

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