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How to work with autism?

So, I am in my early 20s. I was diagnosed with autism at a younger age. I’m not extremely bad and in all honesty, I’ve been told this by doctors and people as a whole, if I don’t tell somebody I’m autistic, they wouldn’t have known. 

I hate having it for the fact that my social skills are week. I’m bad with conversations, I have never been able to have a relationship with a women, and I get nervous easily talking to them. 

How can I become more social and have a girlfriend when battling with this?

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    Being in your early 20's, you're still quite young - and inexperienced around people - especially women. Many (if not all) men go through the same thing - but they persevere, and so come across as confident. Where it's just that they're 'practised' -either they were too stubborn to give up, or they had a relative/friend tell them.. That's all. No secret really. (Not now anyway - lol)

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    I agree with Mokrie, you just have to start talking to people. Be positive and be yourself. Speak to both genders equally. Positive connections are what is important.

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    You probably are NOT autistic. Lots and lots of kids were misdiagnosed when they were just shy or quiet naturally. And no one has great social skills without lots of practice. And ALL GUYS get nervous talking to girls they just get used to doing it and getting rejected repeatedly. The best way to fight this introvert trait is to do it over and over until you no longer get nervous the same way people with phobias or fears of things like bugs get over them by touching bugs over and over until the fear is gone. 

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