How to be more attractive and avoid the friend zone?

I know I hear it a lot that there's no way out of the friend zone but I feel like my case is a bit different, and there's a possibility. Me and this person have been dating for a few months now, sex, kissing and everything else a relationship would have. Today however we had a long tearful phone call where she told me she stopped feeling attracted to me in a relationship way mainly because of the things I say my awkwardness etc. 

I've heard this my whole life and I really want to break the cycle this was the love of my life and I don't want to lose her. She admitted that I was still physically attractive, but she said what I pretty much agree with is I'm not really a hunk or that suave guy you see in movies when it comes to things I say and do in real life. I always freeze when it comes to going in for a kiss, touching, holding hands or anything like that. She said that maybe we can give it another try in a few months and I really don't want to mess this up what should I do? I'm sorry even though I'm an adult I'm new to all of this and just really awkward and bad at portraying myself in a good way or showing who I really am.


@Pearl L I would love counseling, but I'm not sure where to go I will look into it

@Anonymous that could be true, but I'd be stupid to give up altogether especially if she's letting me take her on another date

Update 2:

@Anonymous I would completely understand, and I would certainly give her space if that were the case, but I just personally don't think that's 100% it. When we spoke it seemed like she was somewhat hopeful. We're not kids if she didn't want me to keep trying she would have just told me there's nothing I can do. In fact I can ask her tonight if she was just trying to let me down nicely when she said that or does she genuinely want to try again.

Update 3:

@Anonymous To be as respectful as I can I also don't feel as if that's true... Again we weren't just best friends, we were intimate for months and then things started to fall off... I don't feel like every relationship in the world is a death sentence once they say lets take a break and try again lol. Maybe there are just some issues that need to be worked on, as simple as that. 

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Her saying, "maybe we can give it another try in a few months" is her way of letting you down easy. She doesn't want a relationship with you. Not now. Not ever. Respect her space and move on.


    It would be stupid of you to not respect her boundaries and continue to push the issue. She has made it clear in her way that she is not interested.


    Dude, come on. Common sense is your friend. If she was truly interested and wanted a relationship she would be with you RIGHT NOW. She wouldn't be telling you, "let's wait a few months". You have blinders on. Wake up and stop being so naive.

  • 4 weeks ago

    maybe you should get some counseling

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