Are the "a@@hole cop" videos unjustified?

In many cases yes. I saw one where a cop was being stern but he was not being mean or trying to threaten anyone. He simply was doing his job. 

And in a video, a cop in Portland was simply responding to a 911 call. Doing his job. Yes they were parked - double parked, but police need the space to do their jobs.

I hate when people bash the police.

Criticising the department and police having too much power is one thing. Insulting cops just doing their job is despicable. I don't hate anyone who doesn't hate me. I never get personal with cops. I've had a ticket before and one time the cops were called one by someone I don't like but in both cases that in the case of 1 cops are just doing their job. 2 it's the person calling the cop's fault not the cop themselves.


Pearl L

If they're doing their job I'm not siding against them.

If they break into a place, but it's only because the person was uncooperative, still siding with the polcie.

Now if they were hostile and breaking the law for the hell of it, it's a different story. Those types are almost always assholes.

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  • 1 month ago

    depends on what they did

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