How can I informe people about guy who is planning to do wrong to other person?

I lost 2 years of my life. Those 2 years were hell. 

I had a job. I met a guy who manipulate me for 2 years. I quit my job because of his manipulations. He pretended to love me and I bealived him and the worst is that I loved him. He wanted to used me for his visa. That is no all.

He raped girl before and got forbidden entry for all Europe for 5 years. I didnt know that because he lyed. 

He was in Europe anyway for 1 year then 2 years he was in his country but he got permission to entry europe becsuse He used my ID to get reduced years. Next year he will be able to come in Europe and he will search for girl to use for his visa. 

In this 2 years he controled me daily.I lost money and job. I am not stupid person. I have good heart and I got manipulated by evil guy. I know he is going to do the same to other girl. Is there something I could do to informe people? 

I dont want that he destroys someones life like he did to me and to girl he raped.


Where to report him? Police?

For rape he got reported.

What can i say to police that he manipulated me for 2 years and used me? Nobody will bealive me. He will say that I want revenge because he left me. I am worried he will destroy other life because that is what he is doing for years. But nobody will bealive me

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    just report him for all that

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