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What does your infant custody schedule look like? (Several questions below)?

How much time is spent with each parent?

How are holidays split?

How are birthdays done?

How far away do you and your coparent live?

How do you get along with your coparent?

If there was a custody battle, what did each of you fight for?


Edit: what did each of you fight for? (Primary/sole/joint physical/legal custody)

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  • Jill
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    1 month ago

    My infant is 16 now.

    His father has always been happy just to have him weekly (usually on Saturday) and occasionally he stays overnight there. 

    If one of us has other plans we just work it out. 

    When birthdays and holidays come around we just work it out. 

    We live about 15 minutes drive from each other. 

    We do get along but do not socialize together unless we are invited to the same event by mutual friends.  

    There was no custody battle.

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