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What should I Do if She's Becoming Distant?

It's only been a month together. 

Last week she started texting me less and less, then canceled our date.

She didn't talk to me for 2 days but I waited instead of barraging her as some guys do.

Yesterday she texted me and apologized that she was busy with school and work and blah bleh bloo.

Almost right after she stopped taking to me again.

Whats going on here/how do I handle this ? When she pulls away, I pull away, but she comes back ?

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    Why don't you simply ask her what is going on?  If you pull away every time she does then pretty soon you will be broken up, but on the other hand if you try and keep it going when its hopeless you're just wasting your time. Maybe if you ask her then you can work on a fix for whatever the problem is.

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