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In sports betting, what does this mean?

I saw on ESPN where the Lakers are at -400 to win the NBA title, whereas the Heat are at +320. Which team is the favorite in this scenario?


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    Those numbers (Lakers -400, Heat +320) are NBA futures betting odds, according to one or more sportsbooks (sites/locations), and based on how the season ended, not started. The odds were different before the season started. Sportsbooks use those number odds for those wishing to bet a certain amount of money on the NBA Finals outcome, and vary depending on sportsbook. If the number is a negative number (-400) they are favored; if the number is a positive number (+320) they are the underdog. 

    If I provide any more detail, my answer gets blocked. 

  • The Lakers.  This is the money line.  If you bet $100 on the Heat, you'd make $320 profit. In the case of the Lakers (the favourite), you'd have to wager $400 to win $100.  No point spreads.  Just who wins the series.

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