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How to stop feeling insecure over this?!?

I’m about 4 hours away from my home and in college online and my roommate is pretty much one of the only people I know up here and we’re like best friends and hang out everyday. I’m very shy which hinders me from doing a lot and she’s definitely more outgoing

She was telling me how she was in the laundry room the other day and she met this guy and they talked about the dog policy in the apartment complex. That’s all she said but I’m jealous how she can just have random conversations with people. She can start talking to random ppl and I can’t. Idk if he talked to her first or she talked to him but knowing her she probably talked to him first. 

Also the other day we were in Walmart and as we were walking past this one guy was in the clothing section waiting for someone and he looked away for a few seconds and was staring dead at her as she walked past I was just like really? She dresses like a literal boy sometimes and was wearing a hat and everything but she isn’t ugly. I think I am very pretty and people tell me so sometimes including her and her mom and Im single caught some guys staring at me the other day too but I’m always paranoid they were staring at something behind me even though they were looking me dead in my eye. How do I stop feeling like I’m living in her shadow and embrace cute guys and feel more confident about situations like this?

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    maybe you should talk to your roommate about it

  • 1 month ago

    Here's a little trick you need to learn.  Guys love to talk about themselves.  So you don't even need to say much to get a guy to open up and befriend you.  

    Just ask him about what classes you taking, what's your major, do you have any job prospects, how about joining me for a cup of coffee (just slip this in somewhere).  Once you get him talking about himself you've accomplished two things:  he's yours and you'll find out all kinds of things about him.

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