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Did I influence my ex-girlfriends to change their lifestyles?

In high school, I was heavily into science fiction, fantasy and comics.  I used to go to all these conventions, watch all the movies, played the games, read the books, etc.  My girlfriend was not into this at all.  She thought it was very nerdy.  She was a very straight-laced suburban type girl.

In college, I was into the Goth scene.  Not a full-fledged Goth, but I dressed in black, listened to Goth bands and read and watched a lot of horror.  My college girlfriend was another straight-laced suburban girl who was more interested in movie-star biographies.  She thought my  Goth interests were morbid.

I lost track of both of them but a little while ago I tracked them down on Facebook.  By their pages, High school girlfriend's life now revolves around science fiction fandom, and college girlfriend is into lots of Gothic imagery and music.

The irony of it all, is now I am very straight-laced and suburban!

Do you think I influenced them to change their lifestyles?  I just drifted into squareness when I got a job and got married, but their changes seem very specific to the interests I had when we were couples.

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