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What does it mean if a person has the same nightmare for 35 years? Does it mean it really happened?

I have had the same nightmare for over 35 years and I am tired of it! I was brought up in very abusive institutions, some were listed as hospitals and others as schools. My nightmare is that the staff went too far in a beating and killed a kid and they had 4 of us burry the kid in the woods. All the staff had to say was that the kid went AWAL and no one would be any the wiser. So, did this take place? If not then why do I still dream this nearly every night? Thank you.

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    There's a remedy for recurrent nightmare in The PTSD Sourcebook by Schiraldi. It's called imagery rehearsal. You take things from the nightmare and use them to write a new dream with a happy ending. Take your time to write a really good dream. Illustrate it with your artwork. Then you "rehearse" it by imagining it for about 10 min at bedtime, followed by a relaxation exercise. Slow breathing is very good. A doctor recommends breathing gently through the nose, inhale 4 sec and exhale 6 sec.

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    You're reinforcing the dream,/the memory by obsessing about it - and so it's planted in your brain and comes back. Have you noticed if you wake up at a time to go to the toilet - and do it again the next night that you have 'created' a habit and keep waking up at the same time? Same thing.

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