When Do People Still Buy Needs When The Price Too High?

I know that needs are stuff we all need to live and survive on like Food, clothes to keep us warm, shelter, etc....

But when is it people still buy needs when price has gone up or still not a good price. Even if it has not gone up too much as the new price. How does one tell it not a good price, sale or no sale?

Say for example IF the price was to go up this much, from it real price.

sack of rice that 25lb at $85, use to be $25.99, a 50lb at $99.99, use to be $34.99. Two 1 gallon of 2% Fat free milk at Costco is $10.99, use to be $5.49 for 2 1gallon.

A half gallon of 2% Fat free milk at Safeway is $6.49, use to be $2.99.

A pair of jeans that $35.99, use to be $14.99. 

Not just those stuff also like beef, pork for basic stair fry, toothpaste, shampoo, wheat bread, over the counter meds, jacket, T-shirts, shoes, etc..... I could list more stuff as examples. But you should get the idea.

NOTE: The use to be price is the real current price.

When do people say it too much on some of the needs for daily life. But still have to get it. When is not going to get it wait and see the price, might come down a little or some? No matter the income level outside of the Mega Rich and Mega Poor., Just the Low Income, Lower Middle Class, Middle Class and the Upper Middle Class.

IT NOT SUDDENLY MOST PEOPLE GOT TO GO THE CHEAP WAY. Like shop at Grocery Outlet, Ross, Smart And Final, Marshall, Goodwill, other thrift stores, Big 5, certain Mom and Pop stores(for their culture stuff). 


MAYBE NO Safeway, Costco, Lucky's, Target, Hollister, JcPenny's, Macy's, Foot Locker, H&M, etc..... for time being or however long, because of price? Need  To /Got To go for Food Stamp? The government has to create some kind  stamp or voucher for clothing and other daily life use things.

Update 2:

When is it also still got to buy it, or you're not going to eat or take care or yourself with that like toothpaste, over the counter meds, prescription eyeglasses and all the extra stuff, shampoo, etc.... Because of price. How would you or anyone plan it out. So it works and NOT wasting or spending too much money. 

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    People buy things when they need them instead of stockpiling things that will go unused or spoil. 

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