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X-ray Specialist can you tell me what these two white areas are in this x-ray?

Someone is trying to claim that the two white areas in this x-ray are microchip implants. I want to prove them wrong (if I'm wrong and I don't think so).

Thank you for your expertise in this matter.

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  • Rick B
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    4 weeks ago

    First of all, tell that idiot that this is a slice from an MRI, not an xray.

    Looks like part of the skull to me.  An electronic implant would be much more defined and you would be able to see the various materials used in it.

    For example, in this CXR you can see a pacemaker in the left chest and the leads going from the PM to the heart tissue.  One lead appears to terminate in the left ventrical and the other in the right ventrical.  On the right side of the chest you can see external EKG leads that are attached t the patient.  There is also one in the left chest just above the pacemaker near the shoulder joint.  It also looks like the patient has a pneumothorax.

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