Is Lever 2000 soap being discontinued?

Is Lever 2000 soap being discontinued? Or is there just mass temporary shortage?


Please help me - it's my favorite soap!

Update 2:

The reason I asked, is because just every place I go to look for soap, they have every brand available for sale. Except for this one!

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  • 1 month ago
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    Anything with the words "Anti-bacterial" and "Kills 99% of Germs on Contact" is in shortage right now. It's been almost 7 months, and there are still people who line up certain mornings at stores when they get shipments of Lysol or Clorox in and they are buying it all up. And it's getting worse, due to flu season being right around the corner. The Target by me used to have Lever 2000 and some Clorox wipes and Lysol spray, but now, they are back to empty shelves and "Customer Limit: ONE PER" again...

  • kelvin
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    1 month ago

    nope just a shortage

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