Does the Family channel still do this?

I have two daughters, my oldest is three almost four. She loves Halloween and I feel bad that she won't get to do any Halloween things this year. In my area, trick or treating as well as hayrides and haunted houses have been canceled/banned due to the coronavirus. I was recently talking with my sister about wanting to find something fun for my daughter to do this Halloween. She mentioned that the family channel used to do this thing called monstober. Basically, the whole month of October was filled with Halloween themed shows and moved, even the commercials. However, my sister told me this was a few years ago she watched it as our parents haven't had cable in three years. So, she doesn't know if the Family channel still does this. I looked online but couldn't find the information I was looking for. So, to those who had cable last October and have the family channel, do they still do this? I don't currently have this channel as my oldest is still on tree house and my second is only a baby.

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