How can I get my sister to see that this is dangerous?

I have a younger sister who is in her early teens. She has a TikTok account which is fine. The problem is she often films her videos in the morning after she gets dressed for school. My sister wears a uniform. So, in her videos, the name of the school she attends is often seen. I've told her that she should never reveal what school she attends online, that is is dangerous to reveal your school or address on social media. She doesn't believe me. I've talked to our parents but they failed to see the problem, saying, "oh, it's no big deal. No one is going to show up at her school and kidnap her." Though it's not likely to happen, it could. Since my parents won't help, how do I convince my sister not to post any more videos dressed in something that has her school name? Also, her account is not private. 

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    4 months ago

    you might not be able to unless you take her computer away

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    4 months ago

    If kidnapping won't scare her, then scaring her with the possibility of rape. If she is like most of us women, the idea of possibly being raped will definitely scare her straight. Think about it: If rapists know which school she goes to (and guarantee there are some of them who watch tiktok to pray on young teens) it won't be hard for them to find out which school she goes to.

    I know it sounds like a mean thing to say to someone so young, but if your parents aren't doing jackshit to help, this might be your next best option in getting her to stop this nonsense. 

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    My sister in law posted on her facebook account she was going on holiday, later that week their home was burgled. She learned the hard way that you are right and your family is wrong.

    I'm afraid your family might end up having to learn the hard way too and your sister paying the ultimate price unless they wise up.

    There are some VERY bad people out there and those who are not street smart are the ones likely to suffer.

    Perhaps you should print out some of these answers and show them to your parents.

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    4 months ago

    It's really great that you're concerned for your sister's well-being. You are right that it would have been best if she had not done this. But that information is already out there. At this point you're better off helping her prepare for if and when something does come of it.

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  • 4 months ago

    Try telling her you love her and you worry about her, and even if she doesn't agree with you, it would mean a lot to you if she would be more careful when she's on TikTok. In other words, make it about this being your problem, not hers, and maybe she'll be considerate. 

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