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My son won't bathe or brush his teeth or do his homework an he has NO interest in girls or getting his driver's lisense or in his future!?

My son Max comes home from school an goes right to sleep, from 4 PM to midnight, then gets up an plays video games an eats cereal or chips until the bus comes! He doesn't change his clothes an will ware the same outfit for a week sometimes! He hasn't taken a shower sense school started (a month ago) an I don't think he has brushed his teeth sense Xmas. He is 16 an has NO interest in girls an has never even mentioned getting his driver's lisense. He doesn't want to get a PT job an never talks about the future! He has no chores to do (I even clean his room). He told me one day that he wanted an allowence! I asked him what he was going to do to earn it an he said he will put his dirty dishes in the sink instead of leaving them in his room an that was it. He wants $25 a week just to put dirty dishes in the sink! Nothing I say gets through to him! He acts like he isn't even in this world, last week he went in the bathroom to poop an a little while later he was in the living room playing with his belly button an I could smell manure, it turned out he forgot to pull his pants down before he pooped an the whole load was in his pants and he didn't realize it.  When he was 13-14 I had to stand outside the bathroom because he was constantly forgetting to wipe. He is such an embareassment to me. He makes fart noises with his armpits out in public, he thinks farts an poop is the funniest thing in the world. People stare at him. He's not retarted or slow, he's just lazy an worthless.


I would think most 16 year old boys would take an interest in girls but he has no interest in anything but them video games an I don't know what to do.  He gets passing grades in school so I can't punish him for that but he's a slob an even if he took a interest in girls they wouldn't have any in him because he smells bad.  What can I do to make him straighten up an act human?

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    Wow, this is a sad set of circumstances, for sure! I am sharing with you, an article that has some good advice, its decisive for young children, but the principles apply at all ages, and as he has failed to really learn these early in life, I would suggest that you go back and learn these points as a parent and try enforcing them in your young man. There are links at the end of this article to other articles that should help with good advice too. I know you are at your wits end, but if you don’t start trying to really get through to your son now, things will never improve for his future. He’s learned some bad life habits so far in life, yet I’ve seen and heard of stories of such young ones improve. Hope this info is as helpful to you both. I’m placing the link to the article at the end here. Keep in mind that there are other articles related to circumstances that you need help with, for him, at the bottom of the articles link. Hope these things help you. Hope this info helps you both, have a wonderful day! :o)

    Teaching Children To Obey

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    Guess whose fault this is, and no, it's not your son's fault. You never taught him when he was small to do things for himself, and so he's never had any reason to learn how to fend for himself.  You clean his room for him, you bribe him to put dirty dishes in the sink and leave them there, and he's never even learned to have any kind of personal hygiene.  Wow.  I'm surprised the school hasn't called you in for a conference.  It's not at all surprising that people stare at him.  It's hard to know where to begin, because this has been allowed to go on for so long.  Max really needs to be taken away from your custody because you have no parenting skills whatsoever.  I'm not sure there isn't something mentally wrong, because 16 year olds don't sit around playing with their belly buttons and sitting in poop.  Go to the school and tell them you would like to have him evaluated for special needs.  Then find (maybe through your family court system) a place where you can take some parenting classes, although it's really late for that.  Max may need to go to a special school to be taught basic human needs and functioning.  You cannot make him "straighten up and act human", because there is not way he will take directions from you.  Find out what the school district can do for you, and have the counselors give you some directions on where he should go from there.  

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    Give him a good hiding with a belt or razor strop.

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    Sounds like he is doing what he's been doing since a young age because he wasn't pushed or forced to learn and do something as a kid. Unfortunately, at this age it will be very difficult to change those habits. You will have to start giving him and doing less for him and set strict rules, forget about the allowance and if he plays video games he is probably using your CC to pay for the game pass, stop paying for that. Find ways to make it hard to do what he's been doing for years. 

    When I was young my parents taught me how to do various things during weekends. By age 12 I already knew and was good at backing up trailers and boats, changing the oil to outboard engines and four wheelers etc.... Even though I didn't like it that much at that age, I'm proud and happy my parents did that. 

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    Both of you need health care. You both need a good physical.

    Then you both should benifit from therapy and possibly medication.

    How is his school work ? Does he read well ? Work with the school if he needs it. It sounds like he does.

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    You either win best troll of the day


    Worst parent of the decade.

    You pick.

    Then go turn off the internet and take his gaming systems until he cleans up his act.

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    Why don't you know the word since?

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    He needs a stay in a mental ward and you need serious therapy for allowing this. Please, get you both some help NOW!

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    I smell a troll 👹.

  • 2 months ago

    Sounds like an awesome guy. 

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