Why do black people still think they are oppressed? ?

They really aren’t. We don’t live in the 1950s anymore and if they still think they are oppressed than they are just ignorant and blind. We are society have progressed very far when it comes to civil rights and equality. They can get jobs like anyone else. It’s just they are annoying me with their mentality and about white privilege. When I talk to them they say nothing has changed it’s still the same. The media exaggerated stories about police brutality against black people and the whole George Floyd situation he was resisting arrest because he was high on drugs they just didn’t attack him out of no where because of his skin colour. Ya he did poor policing but that was about it. No other innocent people because of what happened to George Floyd got killed and business people getting attacked. I’m tired of black people problems. I hope people come to the realization of how they truly are as people. Why do companies promote the movement when they cause anarchy and thousands of people died during the protest too ? Why are people to blind and giving in into this ******** and if you don’t support the movement you are racist 

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Because that's all they have: grievance gibs. All the problems they face they caused themselves. The problem is that leftists are incredibly mentally ill, and they can't accept objective reality.

  • rodcom
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    4 weeks ago

    Yet black unemployment only dropped because with economic increase, there were no more whites to get hired, so people were forced to hire blacks.  Consistently it has been shown that when recession hits, blacks are the first to lose their job and the last to get called back when things get better.

  • 4 weeks ago

    In writing "I hope people come to the realization of how they..." (meaning all black people) "...truly are as people" you have revealed how YOU are as a person.  You are asserting that you can tell "how people truly are" by looking at the colour of their skin.

    That would be the same as someone saying that they know how white people truly are as people by reading what you have written here.  In other words, it would be the same as someone saying all white people are racists, by virtue of being white.  You seem to dislike that, but you're careless about doing the same to THEM.

    (This is your cue to amend your question to say "iammclane, I did NOT say ALL black people!"  That's true...but it is clearly what you implied, and it very likely precisely what you think.  If you don't want people to conclude that, then think and write more carefully.  All you would have had to do is say "some of them" instead of "they".)

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