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What would you do if you had a long lost relative or distant family member ask you for money?

 I wouldn't Or they feel entitled to your money and are doing nothing to improve their lives? 

Would you give them money because their family?

 I feel like these type of people will forever be leeches and I wouldn't want to help someone that would never help me if it was the other way around. I wouldn't throw money at some distant begging relative that I don't know either. 

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    I would be very skeptical if someone I've not heard from in years suddenly showed up or called me out of the blue, asking for money.  I would be thinking, "I'm just NOW hearing from this person?  That's all I am to them; someone they can contact out of desperation?  They never bother to contact me any other time, just to say 'hello' or anything???"  I would be very hesitant to give them any money, however it would depend on the situation.  If they could truly prove they needed it, and I had the means to help them, maybe I would.

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    I do not give money to any dead beat, period.


     My well known freeloader cousin, and her husband, from Britain, wanted to drop by

    for 45 days to "look around."

    Told them I'd book them into an Inn.

    Never heard from them again.

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