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Should Footballers retire at 30s?

The fact that Jamie Vardy scored his hattrick against Man City, and he becomes improve more every season even tho he's aging, this proves age sometimes doesn't matter when you look Ibrahimovic 3 goals in last 2 games, Joaquin as a starter at 39 in his club and Ronaldo is still flying high due to his age already passed 35.

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    As long as they are fit they should carry on!

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    Players normally sign their first professional contract at seventeen and the average length of a football career is eight years. The average retirement age of a football player is 35-years-old. After retired most of them become a football tipsters in many platform like to earn huge commissions.

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    No, no age limit is set, although hardly any player plays after 40 years and that on average the careers end around 34 years old, and this for obvious physical reasons.

    Kazuyoshi Miura a former renowned Japanese international is an exceptional case. He has extended his contract with Yokohama FC as a semi-professional status in Japanese d2 at 52 years old and plans to continue his career until the age of 60. It is still particularly remarkable even if his role is more symbolic than anything else.

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    45 min - 40 min.

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    It shouldn't be mandatory; they should play as long as they want if someone is willing to pay them to play.

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    These days they don’t live in the pub between games so they should be fitter and able to play longer. Additionally, serious fouls are much fewer than in the past due to stricter refereeing.

    However when they earned little more than 

    average wages, they played on until they couldn’t run anymore to make a living, but when you’ve earned £200k a week since you were 20, it’s probably difficult to motivate yourself to continue much past 30.

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    Goalkeepers no because there is less need for speed and more need for experience but it depends on the position. Once a defender reaches a certain age it is very hard to keep up with an early 20's who runs like an Olympic sprinter. Midfielders can but their stamina and ability to go box to box will rapidly decline after about 34. So the general rule is as long as the legs last but in the pro game that would be mid 30's more often than not.  

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    Vardy sucks all he does is score penalties and run fast. 

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    I'm not sure what you mean most footballers retire in their 30s most probably in their mid 30s 34-36. Is your question saying why don't they play on into their 40s? I think Ibra will he has a point to prove. I mean there are a lot less success stories of players who play on late into their 30s but there are also players I believe retired too early or players like Xavi who left Barca for some Qatari team when he could easily have played another 5 years at Barca instead. if your body is able sure you should continue playing, others might be scared it could be their last year and prefer to go out on a high so they retire because of injury, some might be offered a coaching job they would rather take than keep playing. When you approach your mid 30s you know your time is limited but if you look after yourself like Ronaldo has or Ibra has, Ryan Giggs took great care of his body even when he was banging the sister in law there are a lot to learn from these players and any player looking for a longer than average career should apply these guys methods to their every day life 

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    Stanley Matthews 50 year old and still playing in top flight also the oldest ever England international at 42.

    He didn't have all this modern sport science and nutrition.

    Anyway 30 something isn't old(said by someone late 40's) there is a long tradition of players excelling in their 30's it's nothing new.

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