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(Psychology) Can we change our physiology in any way with psychological thoughts?

I was watching the movie Split (2016) where this guy suffers from D.I.D which was previously known as multiple personality disorder has 24 unique personalities and the 24th is known as -The Beast-

The most dramatic change from his original personality is The Beast personality and he pretty much gets enhanced physical strength like something out of a comic book and can climb walls with his bare body. One of the psychiatrists in the film that talked to this guy said in a university presentation I think that people were able to transform their physiology based on their thoughts pretty much with one example being a girl who wrote a story with a left hand and another story with her right hand at the same time as both personalities came awake in her (She also had D.I.D).

Does this have any place in reality, is there any studies or articles on this, I know it may not be as dramatic as -The Beast- transformation but just wondering.

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    4 weeks ago
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    Yes it is possible. I'm a carer for my friend who has severe DID. She has alters that are much more physically capable than her as she's physically disabled and some that aren't autistic. She's met people in support groups online that are diabetic but have alters that aren't.

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    4 weeks ago

    Yes,of course we can.

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