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why would any good parent put their child on Dance Moms. Can't this screw up the child?

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    They do this for the same reason that some parents will push their kids into sports, Jean, regardless of how the child feels about it. The usual motivation is money, greed, or social exposure for the parent. Or, in some cases, it's the parent's way of trying to relive his or her own lost youth vicariously through the child's achievements. This latter circumstance is very common in the sport horse industry, where I worked for over 25 years before changing careers. We even have a name for parents who act that way- we call them horse show moms or dads. These are the parents who will push their kids to win, win, win, all the time, no matter WHO the child has to hurt in the process or how many people have to pay the price because of it. They could care less about how their kid feels- what matters to them are the results and the social status that comes with said results. The end result is that most kids with parents like this usually will quit the sport and quit showing once they turn 18 and their junior status ends. And because they're so burned out and so sick of being pressured about it, they often will never return, no matter how much talent they may have or have had. It's really sad, because these kids are the backbone and future of the sports they participate in- and when they get driven away from the sports by misguided parental pressure or abuse, the whole industry suffers.

    The issue of parental bullying and pressure on young athletes (not just in the equestrian sports, but in every sport) to succeed is something that not many governing bodies have paid much attention to. Even the much maligned SafeSport, which was created by Congress for the purpose of protecting young athletes from sexual abuse and exploitation, has not addressed the issue of parental bullying.

    These issues also affect the music and entertainment industries as well. And yes, being pushed into something like professional dancing or acting as a child can really harm children. Just look at the numbers of child and teen actors who got hooked on drugs or died from overdoses, or who have been killed in accidents, if you want to get an idea of how harmful such behavior is to kids.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Ego and money.  Reality shows pay big bucks enabling the parent and child to enjoy the windfall.  IMHO I don't think it screws up the child as the story line is scripted (not real) so the children do not suffer in any way more than the children who dance who are not on TV.

  • 1 month ago

    maybe good publicity to start a career

  • Jamies
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    1 month ago

    They get paid. Probably no other reason than that.

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