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I don't understand this paragraph from this self help book.?

"William Winter once remarked that "self-expression is

the dominant necessity of human nature.” Why can’t we adapt this same psychology to business dealings? When

we have a brilliant idea, instead of making others think

it is ours, why not let them cook and stir the idea themselves. They will then regard it as their own; they will

like it and maybe eat a couple of helpings of it." 

I don't understand, if I have a brilliant idea, why would I help others come up with it if it could greatly benefit me in my career? Did I misunderstand ?

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  • I think the William Winter quote is kind of misplaced in this paragraph. I think what he is actually referring to is self-realization, no self-expression. Self-realization is a basic discovery of the self, through any medium, be it business, spiritual, etc. I think what this person is attempting to say is that business interactions often involve a subliminal or culturally motivated competition. If we really wanted to get over a hurdle, it's more important to work together and let others come up with realizations on there own to make them feel like their part of the interaction, thus creating a more tightly knit, and motivated group of people. 

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    All this means is you need what you want to say.

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    If self expression is the dominant necessity of the human race, maybe he is setting the scene for self expression with a group of ppl "who cook and stir the idea for themselves."  I agree with you that the transition made by the author is very awkward indeed. 

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