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The mean global temperature has been much higher in the past. Why are people so afraid of global warming?

If anything, global warming is a good thing. High atmospheric carbon dioxide -> plants get bigger -> animals get bigger. Dinosaurs first evolved 243 million years ago when the mean global temperature was about 90°F. Atmospheric carbon dioxide was almost five times greater than current levels. The meteor that killed the dinosaurs hit 66 million years ago. Look what happened then - global temperature plunged. Why do so many people believe the climate doomsday clock? The Earth is extremely resilient to temperature change, especially to such small temperature changes like a 1.4°F increase in the past 140 years.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Plants don't get bigger.  There are dozens of reasons why plants ar the size they are.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    We're not dinosaurs, dinosaurs were not worried obviously, since their bodies can adapt. Thou shall not compare humans with dinosaurs. Plants and animals are different now due to "EVOLUTION". Everything is no the same anymore and the present day cannot survive in the same living conditions in the past. In addition, the temperature increase in the past were at a slower rate when compared to the rate we have now, thus, it would ne harder for us to adapt.

  • 3 weeks ago

    The culprit is fear mongering propaganda, just like the hysteria and fear propaganda of the COVID19 scam.

  • 3 weeks ago

    You are quite right. What you don't mention is that most of North America was a shallow sea at the time. Thank you very much but I prefer what we have now.

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  • Fred
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    3 weeks ago

    You are correct that the earth has been hotter well before man came along but this time man is helping accelerate the problem as man has done huge damage to things like jungles which pull the carbon dioxide out of the air and then use the carbon to build wood while releasing the clean oxygen back into the atmosphere.  As man demands more food and poor people in countries like Indonesia and Brazil slash and burn the Jungle to get free agricultural land and these areas are called the lungs of the world as they take the carbon dioxide out of the air and release the clean oxygen,

      As world carbon dioxide levels rise as there are too much carbon dioxide made by man and way less jungle left to take care of that Carbon dioxide that is building in the atmosphere.  The problem with rising carbon dioxide levels is it causes a glass house effect where the heat coming onto the planet cannot escape so heat builds up.  Another problem is the oceans absorb carbon dioxide and this causes the oceans to acidify.  The oceans will acidify to the point most of the fish will die and yes it has happened before and it is the areas of high fish concentration back millions of years ago that made the oil we burn today and in fact we are releasing carbon dioxide that was trapped under the soil and sands millions of years ago which is making the atmosphere more and more acidic.

      In the extreme say at about 14% carbon dioxide in the air we breath we will all asphyxiate.  In the meantime the oceans rise and 40 to 50% of the land mass will disappear eventually under the sea and by then they believe there will be 10 million people on the earth and half the land to grow all their food on.  There will be no fish to eat and countries like Japan eat a large amount of fish in their diet and will need to replace it with other protein which is in short supply in Japan.

      Mars once had an atmosphere although likely not as thick as earths but some run away global warming effect caused all the surface water to evaporate,  and most of the atmosphere likely disappeared into space.

      The last calamitous carbon dioxide event took millions of years to correct itself and it is unlikely much of humanity will survive this one.  It will not happen immediately but likely once it gets to the tipping point the problems will escalate dramatically.  People  don't realize how hard life will be when all water will need to be de-acidified for humans and many of Earth's animals will die off from the effects of heat and acidic water or the lack of fish to hunt.   Humans are nearly at the point we have to now clean up sewerage water for drinking and household use, (yes places like Singapore already drink purified sewerage water), and imagine what food you may to be forced to eat when food becomes scarcer.  There was a movie in the 70s called "Soylent Green" where the world became so desperate for food they had to start turning dead humans into edible food.  In the future the human race may actually get that desperate.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Normal people aren’t scared and don’t give a crap. It’s only the agenda driven globalist owned media and the shadow elite serving governments that you ever hear this nonsense from. Possibly you may find a few believers if you look in places like the Guardian cafeteria. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    The problem with your argument is that it doesn't account for natural selection. The issue isn't how abundant life is when it's hot or cold, but how life adapts when you change the conditions.

    When I look at your graph what I want to know is what happened to life when the climate changed abruptly.

    Over the past million years a 100 ppm change in CO2 concentration took 5000 to 20000 years to happen as a result of the cyclical processes the skeptics keep referring to. Our CO2 emissions have caused a 100 ppm change in 120 years.

    The point is ... yes ... if we warm the planet and let it stabilize, life will eventually adapt and thrive. If we keep warming the planet, changing the conditions, and do it faster than life can adapt to, then we should expect problems.

    This is part of the reason everyone talks about limiting the warming. Stabilizing the situation is better for ecological systems.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Yes, and when the dinosaurs were around, you would have been nothing more than a light snack.


  • Dirac
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    3 weeks ago

    There are trillions of dollars worth of infrastructure now, much of it along the ocean. Remind me how much there was at the time of the dinosaurs.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    CO2 has no influence whatsoever on Earth's climate. Zilch, none, zippo. Average atmospheric CO2 over the last 600 million years was 1,500 ppm or about 4x today's levels; and this fact alone falsifies ALL the CO2 'models'. 

    Today's CO2 levels are abnormally LOW as a result of falling volcanic activity for more than 50 million years. Land life goes extinct if it falls too low and thrives if it increases. 

    The best and most important thing humans have ever done is to dig up and burn fossil fuels. But that is not enough, to secure the long-term future of land life we need to burn every bit of carboniferous rock we can lay our hands on (because no other agent can do it and mother nature does not look like she is going to up her volcanic outbursts).

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