Does the coronavirus know whether it's in England, Scotland or Wales?

Just asking because we all have different rules.

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    As soon as it crosses the border, it takes on a different accent.  The real reason is that politicians can never agree.

  • John P
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    No, nor France nor Spain nor Hungary nor USA, etc.  At the moment the rules are tighter across a swathe of northern England, and southern Wales, and central Scotland, etc because of local manifestations of numbers affected.

    In Spain, Madrid, the capital city, is under much tighter restrictions than most of the rest of Spain because of a local surge.

  • hihi!
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    1 month ago

    COVID-AMERICA attended Chrump University. It is pyst in people thinking it is not an educated virus. Russia's COVID went to the Moscow University, and though being greatly educated, fell over, rolled its eyes and died when it got a shot of President Putin's SPUTNIK-V.

    So a really ignorant hoax-Chrump-Virus reigns in Texas and Florida, but if Putin's Vac hits it, it's going DOWN.

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