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Is this a good restaurant idea?

Having no menu. Letting customers order WHATEVER THEY WANT. Whatever food they can think of, and the chefs make it. It can be a sandwich, pizza, pie, etc

The customers will pay about double the price of the ingredients used to make their dish. 


Well the ingredients don't have to be laid out. It can be from a nearby grocery story as soon as the customer orders. It can make the waiting time a bit longer, but as long as the customer is excited about it, they may be willing to wait. 

Update 2:

I don't mean literally anything they want. It has to be a 'food' and it has to be legal. 

Update 3:

Groovy_Unicorn - What if they took a bunch of orders at once, then go to the grocery store? 

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    You'll be closed within weeks.

    You will either be buying (and throwing out) fresh ingredients for dishes that are never ordered, or more likely, you will not have on hand all of the things people want, and you will lose those people.

    If you charge twice your food costs, that is a guaranteed loser. If you think the rest of that money will pay labor costs, heat, lights, water, rent, insurance, legal AND show a profit, you are wrong. Food cost needs to be held to 25% to no more than 35% of your revenue from food.

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    1 month ago

    sure its a great idea especially with buffet prices.

    just impossible to implement.

    no you can't serve long pig or brains.

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    being a line cook, who has worked as many restaurants (from high end to greasy spoon diners) i know i will hate this job, so much food wasted and customers are now in control of how everything is done to their dish, yeah ur chefs are not gonna plate good dishes. BUT if i was a customer then we talking baby!! 

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    1 month ago

    Seriously? It's not an “idea” at all - it’s just a silly suggestion.

    Customers might be able to order whatever they wanted but no restaurant would be able to provide even the majority of things ordered.

    Some dishes (even if the restaurant had the ingredients and skill to cook the dish) would take too long to prepare and cook, or smoke, pickle, freeze or whatever.

    The restaurant would be running at an enormous loss with the pricing you suggest! 

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    It's a fun idea. But, maybe not super efficient. Instead, you can be like a NJ style diner, where their menus are 10 pages long. Pretty much anything you could want including burgers, roast chicken, meatloaf, fried seafood platters, to steaks. And tons of stuff inbetween. 

    The really hard stuff to not limit isn't actually the stuff with ingredient needs. It's the time needs. Meaning things like soup and sauces. Tomato sauce, jerk sauce, Gravy etc all need time to cook. Same with soup. You can't have people order 8 different soups, otherwise you're screwed. Chicken noodle, broccoli cheddar, beef stew, mushroom barley, tomato, split pea, chili, and New England Clam Chowder are 8 off the top of my head. Taking less than an hr per each one of those soups is likely a sin. So even 10 page diner menus usually have 2 standard soups and a soup of the day. 

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    Lousy concept. 

    Your food cost would be out of control. 

    The timing of  food prep would be outrageous

    the time from order to eating would be extremely long. 

    You would pretty much have to shop for each individual customer. 

    Most restaurants fail within 1 year I would give this less than 30 days.

  • geezer
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    The customer has to wait while someone goes out and buys the ingredients ?

    It won't work .. believe me !

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    Terrible idea. You'd need to have huge quantities of ingredients to be able to service this, and wouldn't ever use all of them. It would be impossible to order without wasting food and money. 

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    And how much Inventory would you have to have on hand, its Cost and Your storage capacity? 

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    I don't think that would be easy to implement.

    So, they can order anything? Well.. it's going to be pretty difficult to have everything ready... seafood, chicken, steak, lamb, penguins, whatever...

    If you always have the ingredients to prepare anything, then the reality is that most of it would end up being thrown out in the trash.

    So basically, no, assuming that you are not a magical wizard, you can't be a restaurant that offers everything. Make a sensible menu, and stick to it.

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