When Do People Draw the Line/Stop Or Should on Needs Because of The Price?

I know that needs are stuff all humans need live and survive on like Food, clothes to keep us warm, shelter, etc....

But when is it people should draw a the line on needs when price has gone up or still not a good price even when it has not gone up too much as the new price. Not going to buy it, hope the price will come back down some, or something else in place of it

Say for example like a sack of rice that 25lb at $85, use to be $25.99, a 50lb at $99.99, use to be $34.99.  Two 2 gallon of  2% Fat free milk at Costco is $10.99, use to be $5.49 for 2 gallon. A half gallon of 2% Fat free milk at Safeway is $6.49, use to be $2.99.  A pair of jeans that $35.99, use to be $14.99. Not just those stuff also like beef, pork for basic stair fry, toothpaste, shampoo, wheat bread, over the counter meds, jacket, T-shirts, etc..... I could list more stuff as examples. But you should get the idea. 

When is it also a deal is a deal, a sale is  not a good to go for also. Even when it not great, people still have to go for it. Because for to live and survive on. No matter the income level outside of the Mega Rich and Mega Poor., Just the Low Income, Lower Middle Class, Middle Class and the Upper Middle Class

I have not found any websites that talks about this in my search. Know of any.


Remember the prices, I listed are IF it went there. The use to be price is the real price.

Update 2:

When does it or how does it make a person feel or she spent too much. Even when it WILL NOT BREAK THE BANK?

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    A gallon of milk at Ralphs is about $3 with the discount card.  Much better deal than the Costco and Safeway prices you mentioned.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You are talking about Price elasticity of demand in case you wondered.

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