My gf says she is “figuring herself out”?

So, I’m in a relationship with this girl and we’ve been together for nearly over three months coming up. Everything was running smoothly, we would argue sometimes but we got over it and she says she loves me I say I love her. Today’s the day after my birthday and shes been lukewarm today but  I texted her later in the evening asking if she’s alright, and she told me “im just figuring myself out, just been feeling odd today.” I took her word for it and I’ll let her have her time it’s just whenever I see a girl say that it’s right before disaster strikes, and I can’t handle getting cheated again tbh, I’ll be as bitter as a lemon.


If it helps any, most of her friends are guys too, maybe one of them is a girl...

1 Answer

  • 4 months ago

    Yes she did say that.  Thank you for asking, I guess.

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