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Question about motorcycles?

My neighbor bought a motorcycle and every morning he goes outside, turns it on and goes back inside for at least forty minutes. It makes a really loud noise, not like a normal motorcycle. It's like  it sounds like a bad lawn mower. And he does this every day and I just wanted to know do motorcycles need to be like preheated like an oven before using it because everyday he turns it on for work and then waits for forty minutes inside then gets on it and drives to work. It's kind of annoying and I want to say something but I don't know if this is how motorcycle work 


Just thought i'd update everyone; 

1.Yes I timed it.2.we live in the south in the united states. it is 80 degrees by 7:00am. so it's not cold3. i am novice when it comes to motorcycles but it's cheap looking. just a regular black dingy looking bike 4. the guy is the neighborhood asshole. he rents the home and the owner lives in Italy and doesn't care because he has his money. everyone hates him because he plays loud music at three in the morning, he lets his dogs run the neighborhood w/o leashes

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    He doesn't KNOW WHERE THE CHOKE IS.  So the engine runs cold and would stall out on him because of not knowing how to run the machine. This has probably happened to him.  I can't get out farther than half a block on a cold motor...that will stall out...and die.

    . Ha Ha.  

    He can ride the bike with the choke partially engaged and as it warms up you open the choke and it runs normal. It is a pull out/push in button..  If I left a bike idling like that and went back inside - the bike would be GONE. & I live in a LOW theft neighborhood.. To a motor that runs at about 160F...80F is coldMost bikes I have been on have a manual choke.  He obviously has not read the owner's manual.  He is wearing out his machine PREMATURELY.He is more novice than YOU. When finished with work, I do not want to sit in the parking lot of work waiting 40 minutes for my bike to warm up.  I am already at the bar and on my second "cold one".  Either he can read, and will find this out, or one of his biker buddies will show him what to do. 

    . So live with it for a bit. It should not take him long to start complaining at the bike shop and THE "KID" SHOWS HIM HOW TO RIDE A BIKE.

    . This was never needed on carbureted air cooled engines or water cooled engines. I was out of my driveway in 30 seconds...20 minutes I would be at work.  So it does work when you KNOW HOW TO RIDE.

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    Must be a Hardly a Davidson and he thinks that he's eliminating jug base gasket failure.

    The fact that their base gaskets fail tells you something about the owners.

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    Not for that long, they don't

  • He's actually harming his engine because the oil pressure at tickover is not sufficient to properly lubricate the cylinder(s) and is not necessary on a modern fuel injected engine. In the old days on a cold day carburettor fed engines did benefit from a two or three minute warm-up,  but never for 20 minutes. 

    The guy is a moron.

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    "the guy is the neighborhood asshole" which probably means the knowledge will be wasted, if you complain he will spend an hour warming up his bike.

    Top Tip – turn the right hand grip towards the back wheel, just to help the engine reach the correct temperature (wear a mask and make sure you can out run him).

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    No. My old carbureted Honda  needed  2 full minutes. It actually warmed up Best if I rode her slowly thru the neighborhood. . My  '06  Harley Can go as soon as red oil lite off. I give her one minute, tops, as I have straight pipes and Know she can be loud. I don't fire up until 8 am, too.

    2-5 minutes is indicated and enough. 40 is excessive.   Sorry hadda ask that. Many who don't ride are annoyed not thrilled by that rumble. So it Seems longer.This guy will probably ruin his motor soon, I Hope, so problem will go away. Animal control will slap  him with so many fines he'll  have to take the Bus. 

      Don't Touch  another's 'sickle.. He might take a tire iron to you.   Any who "jump on it" are guilty of GTA. Law doesn't say how far the vehicle must be  ridden. 

    Fuzzier:: Learn to Read: Harleys do NOT "sound like lawnmowers" unless an old Flathead. He said it's cheap looking. Stay in your own backyard...

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    40 minutes is excessive. If it's aircooled then leaving it that long will overheat it. Even if it is water cooled, leaving it that long is bound to make the fan come on.

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    Ask a motorcyclist friend to jump on it and park it around the block. That should cure him. No vehicle should be warmed up slowly. It causes increased engine wear. I am surprised it hasn't been stolen and no insurer would countenance a claim.

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    yeah just leave an anonymous note or something asking if he can only idle it for like a minute or two before he leaves for work. you have let carbureted motorcycles warm up for a while but his motorcycle is probably fuel injected, which means it really only needs to idle for about 30 seconds just to get everything lubricated. idling for longer than 30 seconds after startup just wastes gas money. maybe he wants everyone to notice him and see that he has a motorcycle but yeah there's no reason to idle it for more than a minute if it's waking people up and making a lot of noise.

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