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I'm an avid runner, however. I went from 170 to 200 pounds. Would you guys recommend I keep running outside or run indoors on a treadmill?

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    If your goal is to use running to burn calories, improve fitness and health, especially the cardiovascular system, running on a treadmill vs. outdoors won't  make a difference. Use whichever you are more comfortable with. 

    I expect most people are safer on a treadmill. And, it's easier on the joints. 

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    Whatever you are more comfortable doing. There are plenty of people who are overweight (some VERY overweight) who run outdoors. If you are worried about injury, but want to run outdoors, perhaps adopt a run/walk system instead of continuous running. That will give your body a bit of a break on the impact but still give you a good workout. I find it a useful method to help reduce injury issues for myself, regardless of weight. I also tend to have better overall "run times" these days if I run/walk vs continuously run. 


    Eating right and adding some strength training as cross training workouts, and you can drop the added 30 lbs in a few months, if you choose. 

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    you should be losing weight running, maybe you should get your thyroid checked

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